Soldierfit and the life lessons I’ve learned from it

So I started Soldierfit about 12 weeks ago and it was the best decision of my life. I’ve learned a ton of valuable lessons from it and the people associated with it. These are some of them:

1.) You’re not sweating…you’re leaking awesome and your fat is crying…good job.

2.) The duck face has no place in The Fort…or anywhere for that matter…just stop with it, you look like an idiot.

3.) It’s completely fine to only be able to count to 10…after that you hold your legs out at 6 inches for a few seconds and then start again.

4.) If someone says “1, 2, 3, 4” you don’t answer with “5” you answer with “1”.

5.) Your legs will be sore, your arms will be sore, you abs will be sore, your butt will be sore, hell even your hair will be sore…take a hot shower, eat some protein, get over it, and keep going. That soreness means you accomplished something.

6.) True love is real. It conquers all. No matter who you think your are or what your past is, there is someone out there who will love you and not only push you to achieve your dreams but will fight your battles with you and share in everything that makes you happy. Thank you Jen and Danny for proving that to me, especially when I was in the midst of a bad break up and really needed to see that love is fo’real.

7.) Don’t blabber on and on about your workout to your friends that don’t workout, they’ll get really annoyed about it…instead bring them to a class and show them how awesome it is…they’ll understand immediately.

8.) There is a HUGE difference between pride and ego…if you don’t know what that is, come to a Soldierfit class and you’ll see first hand.

9.) Yes, you do look and smell like shit…all of us do…if that’s really a concern for you while you’re working out, your priorities at the gym are really messed up…fix yourself.

10.) Working out isn’t a race, it’s a challenge…focus on form, push yourself, and do it right….unless of course you’re a runner, then it usually is a race….

11.) “Drop it like a Nelly video” if you want to save your lower back during most exercises.

12.) If you’re competing with the person you were yesterday, you’re doing it right…if you’re competing with the person next to you, go home and re-prioritize your life.

13.) Encourage those around you, especially your battle buddy…there will be a time when you need that encouragement back.

14.) Ladies, unless you are taking testosterone or steroids, lifting will not make you look bulky and manly…it will tone you and stop you from jiggling, that is sexy, not manly…start lifting.

15.) Beer, pizza, and cupcakes are great…having a flat stomach/6 pack is better.

16.) The answer to “How many reps are we doing?” is and always will be “do it until it hurts, and then do some more”

17.) The phrase “you can do anything you put your mind to” is a crock of you know what…it should be “you can do anything you put your heart into”…your mind (and body for that matter) are useless if your heart is not in it.

18.) Excuses are lame, stop making them.

19.) Your body can do some pretty incredible things and it’s stronger than you think…don’t let your mind get in the way. Stop thinking and just do.

20.) Walt Disney was right…your dreams, aspirations, and goals do come true….but only if you’re willing to put in the work to making them happen. Nothing great is given, it is earned. If you got something right off the bat, chances are it’s not actually that great, stop kidding yourself.********

21.) Pull ups are the single hardest exercise one can do…don’t stop working until you can do them. Yes it will hurt and you will get blisters but nothing compares to the feeling you get when you get your chin above that bar.

22.) Burpees suck…do them anyways.

23.) Sit ups, V-ups, In and outs, leg lifts, and flutter kicks also suck…not having a flat stomach/6 pack sucks more…keep going.

24.) It doesn’t matter what you’ve been through in life, walking around with a chip on your shoulder and entitlement in your heart isn’t going to get you anywhere…get off your ass and work for what you want.

25.) It doesn’t matter what your starting point is, it only matters that you’re STARTING. And if you’re judging someone for where they’re starting, you should be ashamed of yourself, you were there once too…don’t be a butthead, encourage them to keep coming back.

26.) Even if you don’t think you can do it, there are over 3,000 other people that KNOW you can do it…Soldierfit is a family, your goal is everyone’s goal and we are all fighting this battle together.

27.) The Black Hats and Yellow hats are some of the most incredible and inspirational people you will ever have the pleasure of meeting…learn from them, don’t argue with them. They are trying to challenge you to be better, don’t take this for granted.

29.) When squat jumping onto the big box…don’t miss…it sucks…

30.) There is no such thing as a prodigy…even Bryce Harper has to train and work hard every single day

31.) If you push yourself today, you’ll thank yourself tomorrow.

32.) Never underestimate the power of endorphins that working out gives you…some of my happiest moments are just driving home from Soldierfit (seriously….I’m legit in my car, windows down, music up, white girl dancing….if you see me, feel free to join in)

33.) We wear a uniform for a reason..we are one unit, one company, one family

34.) Beyonce doesn’t have a thigh gap so stop stressing about trying to get one for yourself. If Queen B don’t need it, we sure as hell don’t need it.

35.) There are countless men and women who have laid down their lives for our freedom…respect them and honor them; and above all else, don’t let their sacrifice be in vain. Be a contributing member of society, work hard, and leave this country in better shape than the way you entered it.

*****DISCLAIMER: This is true unless your goal is to be able to fly or own a pet unicorn…working towards that will only lead to a broken body and utter disappointment.

Thank you Soldierfit for all you do for me.



WHOSE COMPANY!?!??!?!?!?


The Boston Marathon

I know it’s been a hot second since I’ve blogged but I have a lot to say about this subject so I figured a blog post would be more apt than a Facebook status/Tweet.

First and foremost I want to say that my thoughts and prayers go out to the victims killed or injured in the Boston Marathon Bombing, to their families, to the city of Boston, and to all the runners who participated in the marathon.

I am by no means a runner, hell, I get exhausted just from the 5 minute warm up jog I do in Soldierfit (I could probably find a pet unicorn before ever even running a 5K). I couldn’t imagine running that long of a distance for those many hours. I have so much respect for those that can and who train constantly to get better…mad props to ya’ll! With that being said, I do understand the amount of work, determination, blood, sweat, tears, achy muscles, and focus that go into reaching a goal. And that’s what a marathon is, right? A goal? I’ve always understood The Boston Marathon and the New York Marathon to be THE marathons to run; the ultimate marathons and goals for a runner.  Unfortunately The New York Marathon was canceled due to Hurricane Sandy (huge huge huge thank you to the runners who traveled to NYC despite the cancelation just to help in the Sandy relief efforts, you all are amazing) leaving The Boston Marathon to be the IT marathon of the year. (Side note: I’m not knocking or trying to demean any other race out there, I don’t care where it’s located 13.1 and 26.2 miles is A LOT of running and there is something to be said about anyone that can run that far…I’m hurting just thinking about it…I’m basing this opinion on what I’ve researched and heard from others in the running community) In my opinion, that made this year’s race a little more special and a little bit bigger. Now, I don’t know a single person that can get up in the morning and be like “hey, so I think I’m going to go run the Boston Marathon today”. Months and months, if not years, of training are involved. Hours upon hours of hard work, self discipline, shin splints, and blister care are involved. The runners training for this prestigious race must make a qualifying time, they must wake up every day and train harder to be better and run faster. They run past the sore feet, burning calves, and achy knees. It doesn’t matter what the temperature is, if it’s raining, snowing, sleeting, or 107° with a million percent humidity…they get out and run. They know their goal and they work their asses off to achieve it.  I am currently pushing myself in fitness and have fitness goals of my own, I know how hard it is to continually push yourself, how much it hurts, the sacrifices you have to make, and how sometimes you just want to throw in the towel and give up. There is something to be said of those that don’t ever throw in their towel. No matter what your goal is, whether it be fitness, running, career based, or any other goal I’m sure every single American can attest to this. Nothing great is given, you must earn it through hard work and dedication.

I have the distinct pleasure of knowing a few individuals who ran The Boston Marathon, thank God they are okay and I’m so unbelievably proud of them for running the race. I’ve seen their hard work and dedication. I saw how excited each and every one of them was to be running the race. It absolutely breaks my heart that this moment was ruined for them and that such an incredible feat and happy occasion turned into a national tragedy.

The Boston Marathon was supposed to be the result of all this hard work. It was the runners’ moment, their day, the fruition of all of their sacrifices and dedication to their goal. The finish line was to be a celebration of a goal met (a really freaking hard goal if I do say so myself). There is no greater feeling than reaching your goal, whatever it may be, and I firmly believe that such moments deserve respect and celebration. But no, some coward, lowlife, worthless, scum of the Earth did the unthinkable.  This terrorist tragically ended the life of at least 3 and injured more than 144 people. They turned a moment that was supposed to be a joyous celebration of everyone’s hard work culminating at the finish line into a terrifyingly tragic incident. Why? Why would someone do this? Obviously I don’t have the answer to this but I do have this to say:

To the runners of The Boston Marathon: Celebrate! I know that this may be hard but regardless, you accomplished something HUGE. Congratulations on reaching such an incredible goal. You deserve so much joy from this and deserve to celebrate. Pray for those killed and injured and for their families, but celebrate nonetheless. You’ve earned it. Don’t let the coward terrorists take this honor away from you. Don’t let them ruin this. Do NOT let them win.

To the city of Boston: Your people are some of the toughest and most resilient I’ve ever seen, come together with the rest of America and overcome. We’ve got your back Boston, you have our prayers and our endless support.

To the first responders and those that ran towards the danger instead of away from it to help those who needed it: Thank you. You are what make this country what it is. You are the true heroes of America. Your bravery and self sacrifice do not go unnoticed. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

To all Americans: This is the greatest country on Earth, don’t ever forget that. Let’s come together to pray for the victims and their families and to celebrate those that ran that race, they deserve it. This is America, we don’t back down, we don’t give up, and we sure as hell don’t lose. Let this tragedy bring us together as ONE nation under God. Let’s show the terrorists that they effed with the wrong people and that they will NEVER win. (And please, don’t spin this and use it for your political platform…that’s just tacky and in bad taste).

Dear terrorists: We’re not scared of you. We might be pissed off, but we’re not scared. You can’t beat us, America won’t let you win. Like Toby Kieth said “we’ll put a boot in your ass, it’s the American way”.


That is all, thank you for reading this and God bless America.

Women, Girls, Ladies, Etc.

Preface: This is supposed to be funny, not serious, and yes I do realize that not all women are like this…just relax and laugh.

Preface (number 2): Please read this in your best Jenna Marbles voice…it makes it better, I promise.

I’ve been a girl 100% of my life so I figured I’ve accrued enough information and knowledge about being a girl that I can accurately write a blog about girls. In summary…girls are nuts and make no sense what so ever. Let’s explore this further:

10 Reasons Woman Are Cray Cray

1.) We sit on our phones and computers for hours pinning recipes and wedding stuff on Pintrest to boards named something like “I can’t wait for my Dream Wedding!” and “Trophy Wife Status!!!!!”. But then, we go around saying things like “I have soooooo much I want to accomplish in life, I can’t even THINK about getting married!”. Bitch, please, I saw your Pintrest board with the 2323478927349827 wedding pins, you’re obviously thinking about it! And then, when a man says something like “Oooh you cook?? Prime wife material right there!”  we always snap back with something along the lines of “THERE’S MORE TO WOMEN THAN COOKING!!!!!!!!” WHAT!?!?! How does this even make sense?? Why do we freak out??

2.) Along the lines of Pintrest and recipes….we constantly pin all these amazing recipes for probably the greatest desserts in the entire universe…but then….we go on INSANE diets where 99% of the ingredients in said recipes are completely restricted (the 1% is obviously water)…WHY!?!?!? Why do we torture ourselves??? If we are trying to get healthy and shed unwanted pounds…why do we sit on Pinterest all freaking day staring at deliciously unhealthy food?? I feel like that’s something that they should do during interrogations…guaranteed it would work better than water torture! But for some strange reason, we do this fun!

3.) Animals are cute and fluffy and innocent and we’d crash our car into a tree to avoid hitting one. And by “one” I mean a squirrel. We would risk totaling our car and killing ourselves to avoid hitting a rat with a fluffy tail that have over populated our area and spread diseases like rabies. This makes absolutely no sense what so ever…but for some reason, the idea of hitting that fluffy little guy with the acorn sticking out of his mouth that just can’t decide if he should keep running forward or turn back seems like the most unforgivable act on the planet, worse then stealing a unicorn.

4.) If our boyfriends, fiance’s, or husbands so much as happen to glance in the direction of another woman, want to see a movie where Scarlet Johannson is in a bikini, or God forbid they talk about a strip club with their friends….everyone dies….EVERYONE. But we pre-ordered tickets to “Magic Mike” like 7 years in advance and watched every single trailer repeatedly. But this is completely acceptable because the 2 situations are completely different and I have about a million reasons to justify this to anyone saying otherwise….(except they aren’t and my reasoning is crap….but who cares since Channing Tatum is dancing half naked for 2 hours)

5.) We watch chick flicks and actually expect life to be like that. Yup…because every man is going to profess his undying love to you while standing in the pouring rain in front of the entire town (also, why is everyone at the same place at the same time? And why do NONE of them own an umbrella???)

6.) We LOVE “The Notebook” and think it’s the most romantic movie in the world. Okay, let’s take a step back for a second….Rachel McAdams’ character becomes a military nurse who cares for a severely wounded warrior…she becomes engaged to this man who she then cheats on with her old summer fling. She then gets mad at said summer fling for never once trying to contact her (even though he wrote a letter every day for a year, 365 letter… the way there’s no mail on Sundays so Noah is liar!)….but Rachel, did YOU ever try to find HIM??? Don’t think so!! So to sum it up: she’s a cheating whore (on a man who almost died to protect America) and a high maintenance bitch that doesn’t want to put in any effort to her relationship. Ladies, if you ever acted like this to a man, I can guarantee he will not grow a bushy beard, build a house, and read your life story to you every night when your old and senile….he’ll leave you and tell all of his friends that you fart in your sleep. But for whatever reason, this movie tops all of our 10 favorite movie lists.

7.) We talk about how gross porn is and we call our men pigs and disgusting if they watch it…but we’re all obsessed with “50 Shades of Grey”. We read all 3 without ever putting them down, we talked about them obsessively with our friends, and we’re all anxiously awaiting for the movie…but that’s okay because we obviously read the books for the compelling story line and advanced literacy of it, right? Spoiler alert: we didn’t…

8.) Why the hell do we have so many freaking pairs of shoes!?!? It’s completely unnecessary! Why are we so obsessed?? Especially with high heels?? They’re unnatural, uncomfortable, not practical, and I own at least 80 pairs of them. Seriously. The only man that could make my heart beat like a sparkly pair of Christian Louboutins is probably Channing Tatum in person (OMG CHANNING TATUM HOLDING A PAIR OF SPARKLY LOUBIES FOR ME!! AHHH I DIE!!!!!!….okay I’m done now) My closet(s) is(are) insane…but for whatever reason, I want more shoes…I keep buying them…WHY!? There’s is absolutely no reason why women love shoes the way we do but shoe companies world wide thank us.

9.) Why are we so obsessed with Channing Tatum??? He’s not THAT good looking…..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA just kidding….he IS that good looking!

10.) Our emotions are pretty much bi-polar. For no reason at all a switch in our brains can flip and we could go from completely normal to crazy angry lady in a matter of seconds…usually at our significant others’ expense. Mostly this happens because of hormones and PMS but if any man were to suggest that to us…OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!!! And not only do we justify this kind of behavior to ourselves, but when we are sought out by other women acting in such a way, we help them justify it as well! Instead of trying to calm them down and make them normal again using normal logic, we side with them, get them more riled up, and we get all uppity too! But seriously though…how DARE he insinuate that you’re fat by NOT getting you ice cream…the fact that you told him repeatedly you’re on a diet and not eating junk food is completely irrelevant! Ice cream is HARDLY junk food anyways….that jerk! (See what I did there??)

So basically….we’re all crazy….but hey, at least we’re damn good looking!!!!

And for the record…I could easily come up with a list about men too…except it’ll be even longer because obviously they’re more crazy and illogical than women!!

Peope of Facebook (Part II)…this also applies for Twitter


Commenter 1: “What’s wrong?? I care about you!!!”

Original Poster Reply Comment: “OMG NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!”


I see this a lot….and really!?!? Maybe no one cares about you because every time someone reaches out to you, you turn into a dramatic little immature ungrateful snot. Also, let’s calm it down a tad, shall we? You’re life is ruined?? Clearly it can’t be THAT bad if you’re still able to status/tweet.

This next one is my favorite:

Status/Tweet: “I hate how every time I make a status [or tweet] or write on someone’s wall, someone always has to come comment on it or talk about it. UGH! My life is none of your business so stay out of it! Keep your opinions to yourself! This is MY Facebook [or Twitter] so there’s NO need for you to come and comment on all of my statuses and wall posts or to talk about it! It’s NONE of your business!!”

I also see this a lot…and again I say REALLY!?!?! If you put it out there for the world to see it, don’t get all pissy when people talk about it or comment on it…that is the point of Facebook/Twitter after all. If you don’t want people to know about something or to talk about something, here’s an idea…DON’T PUT IT ON THE INTERNET!!!!!!!!!!!!! The internet is NOT your personal space…keep a diary if that’s what you’re looking for! You don’t want someone to comment on something that you say to someone else?? TEXT OR CALL THEM!!!!!!!!!! Yes, you can say whatever you want but so can EVERYONE else so when you put something out there, you better damn well expect someone to say something and you have NO RIGHT to be pissed off when they do! (Please note: this does not have anything to do with cyber bullying, that is a serious issue…this is about people making immature stupid statuses/tweets/wall posts and getting pissed when someone else comments on them.)

I’m not calling anyone out directly…although I’d really like too…..but if you think this is about you, well then obviously you facebook/tweet like this a lot and thus deserve a kick to the face by a unicorn and should probably reevaluate your social media habits…we’re all tired of seeing it…

My next “People of Facebook (and Twitter)” will probably be about relationship fights via social media…so stay tuned for a real big rant…until next time!

The Nationals, Post Season Baseball, and Why it’s More Than “Just a Game”

So first let me just send my congratulations to the Washington Nationals and the Baltimore Orioles, their families, and all the dedicated fans. No one thought either team would make it this far but we did and I couldn’t be more ecstatic!

Next let me explain something really quickly. I get a lot grief about being a Nats fan because I was raised an O’s fan. But let me tell you this, I am still an O’s fan! I love the birds and have been rooting for them all along. But I am also a Nats fan. I didn’t just spontaneously switch teams in 2005 when they came back to DC. In fact, I didn’t become a fan until their 2006 season (I still consider myself one of their original fans because when I started going to games, there were still very very very few people in the stands and they were still playing at RFK). In 2006 my dad’s medical practice got this incredible opportunity to work with the Nationals and resulted in them going to every home game. When my dad was covering the game, 99% of the time, I would tag along. When I was younger I went to a lot of O’s games so when my dad started asking me to go to the Nats games with him, I was really excited. To me, there is nothing better than sitting in the ballpark watching baseball. I was falling back in love with the game, and to top it all off, I was getting to spend quality time with my dad.

Over the years I’ve attended approximately 30 home games per season. I have almost every give away. Hell, one season I went to every single “T-shirt Tuesday” game….needless to say all of my workout attire is adorned with a “curly W”. I know the clubhouse security guards by name, I’m on a first name (and hug) basis with the usher of our section (which has been our section since the new stadium opened), and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many people that are a part of the Nationals organization (including Mike Rizzo…I DIE!!). Actually, one time I wasn’t paying attention and I walked right smack into Stephen Strasburg (I DIE AGAIN!!!!). I’ve also gotten to know some of the families of the players and have even seen a few of their kids grow from season to season. After sitting and thinking about all of these things I have come to one conclusion: The Washington Nationals Baseball organization as a whole is probably the single BEST baseball organization. Every single person I have met has been beyond nice (and I mean genuinely nice, not that fake just being polite kind of nice). Everyone involved in that organization from the security guards and ushers all the way to the GM, players, and families are some of the best people I have ever met. They center around family and consider everyone apart of the Nationals family. I seriously consider myself to be blessed to have met everyone that I have and to have had the opportunities that I have had. After all that, how could anyone NOT be a huge Nats fan?? How can someone NOT support an organization full of hard work, dedication to not only the game but the community and their fans, and love? I’m fairly positive a greater group of people does not exist.

That being said, let’s get into the baseball part of this blog. OMG BOTH MY TEAMS MADE IT TO THE PLAYOFFS AHHHHHHHHHH THIS IS GREATER THAN ME GETTING A PET UNICORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, I’m done freaking out now (well not really, but at least in blog form). This is a HUGE deal to both sets of fans. We’ve all been waiting for a time like this. It’s here and it feels better than I could have ever imagined. I honestly can’t remember the last time BOTH a Baltimore team and a DC team did this well at the same time. And let’s be honest, how awesome would a Battle of the Beltways World Series be!?!?!? My heart is palpitating just thinking about it!! But, I must not get ahead of myself, we’re still in the first series and it all comes down to tonight for both teams (I’m seriously shaking right now).

One of the reasons this is such an incredible accomplishment for the Nationals is because despite all of the obstacles they have faced this season, they clinched the NL East and ended the regular season with the best record. They took everything that got thrown at them, over came it, got stronger, played harder, became a closer team, and ultimately hit that amazing sweet spot when your pitching, your defense, and your offense is perfectly aligned and playing well over par. They played great baseball all season long and I can’t think of a more deserving team to be in their spot. Even if they don’t make it past tonight (dear baseball gods….please let them make it past tonight!!!!) I will still be so proud to be a Nats fan and so impressed with all of their hard work. Not to mention the amount of awards that they (at least in my opinion) should get: Manager of the Rear (Davey Johnson….the AL manager of the year should go to Orioles manager Buck Showalter for sure), MVP (Adam LaRoche), Rookie of the Year (Bryce Harper), and the Cy Young Award (Gio Gonzalez……..**swoon**). SIDE NOTE: If you disagree with any of these by the way, that’s fine but I’ll argue to the death about them and will ultimately tell you to go shave your back. But anyways, I could go on and on about how amazing this team is and how deserving they are of all the great things coming their way not just because they are great baseball players but because of all the behind the scenes stuff that I have noticed along the way….buuuut I guess I’ll move on, I’m sure y’all are starting to get bored of my rambling anyways.

This post season excitement couldn’t come at a better time either. There’s no worse place to be than DC during election season and this is giving Washingtonians something better to talk and argue about than politics. It’s such a great distraction from everything surrounding the area and is really something to get excited and hyped up about. I’ve never seen the people in this city so excited and banded together. I’ve never seen so many offices, cars, bus stops, metro cars, or people sporting the curly W; it’s even becoming more prominent than those [stupid] political stickers that you typically see in these parts. And based on the Facebook posts alone, I’d say that more people were tuned in to watch the Nats beat the Cards and the O’s beats the Stankees than there were people watching the debate. It’s fantastic! FINALLY people are getting off their political band wagons to tune into something (in my opinion) way more exciting. (just in case you don’t know my position on polotics and how I feel about it, click here). Basically, this littler tid bit makes the whole thing so much better and makes me so much happier.

A lot of people say “oh it’s just a game, don’t be so obsessed”, while I admit that I don’t get myself bent out of shape over one loss and my entire world doesn’t collapse into a giant black whole of glitter-less death (that’s the WORST kind of death by the way) and I don’t understand people who lash out at others just because their team lost, for me, this situation, this team, and baseball in general is way more than “just a game” to me. There are very few things more important and more cherished to a daughter than her relationship with her father. He’s the first man to ever hold her, take care of her, and most importantly, to love her. He serves as her example of what to look for in a man. He’s her real live superhero. And, if you ladies out there are as lucky and blessed as I am, your Daddy lives up to all these qualities as perfectly as mine does. Yes, my dad and I, just like every other father and daughter, fight and disagree sometimes but we are still incredibly close. I know he will always be there for me and will always get me out of any situation I may get into, whether it be an overdraft crisis or land myself in a “Taken” like situation (my dad may be super polite and always smiling but guaranteed if you mess with his baby girl he’ll go Liam Neeson on your ass!). Most daughters start to grow up and drift away from their fathers and end up stuck in this awkward limbo-like phase where they just have nothing to talk about. For my Dad and I, that phase never happened. He got this opportunity with the Nationals around the same time most girls are going through that phase. So while most girls didn’t know what to do with their Dads, I was going to baseball games with mine. It was great! We bonded over the sport, we bonded over the team, and we bonded over everything that was going on in our lives during the season. We always had something to talk about at the dinner table and always had something to get excited about. Especially this season. We speculated about what Davey Johnson was going to do for the next game, who was going to be on the post season active roster, how they were going to play, and what the Nats needed to do in order to win. I attended my first ever post season game with my Dad and despite the loss, it was still one of the most thrilling experiences I have ever had. I couldn’t have been more happy to have had it with my Dad. I’m sure my Dad and I would have stayed close regardless but because of the Nationals and all the times we’ve shared and memories we’ve made together it’s brought us even closer. I honestly can’t thank the Nationals enough for that. No matter what happens or where life takes me, I will always have those times and fond memories with my Dad. We will always have baseball, we will always have the Nationals, and I couldn’t be more grateful for that.

So basically, the Nationals are awesome, the organization is awesome, post season baseball is awesome, and the memories I’ve created along the way with my Dad are awesome. I need to go try and calm my heart and my nerves about tonight so that’s all for now! Happy Game 5 Day!!


LET’S GO NATS!!!!!!!!! LETS GO O’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Julia Child

So it’s 9:35 on a Saturday night and instead of being out raging at the bars I’m at home with my two puppies, already in my PJs, writing a blog. Why? Not because I’m a giant loser with no friends and nothing to do, but rather because I feel like being a crotchety 80 year old woman tonight. The idea of throwing on my designer, glittery, perfectly fitting mini dress (you know the kind that shows off your best assets and hides every single one of your flaws? That ONE item you could live without but your life would somehow feel so incomplete? ) and the greatest pair of rhinestoned, peep toed, Steve Madden’s that have the power to make my feet simultaneously so angry yet so so unbelievably sexy and happy, for some reason felt less appealing than riding a tricycle through death valley in the middle of July. You know you have those kind of days too so don’t judge me. What did I do instead? I cooked the greatest tomato soup ever (and it’s healthy too!!) from scratch, enjoyed a nice glass of red wine, and watched aimless Saturday night crime mystery shows. Oh, and now I’m writing this blog. It was a blast. A night of nothingness is exactly what I needed after this week. But anyways, I’m digressing from my original plan for this post….Julia Child…one of my many idols.

I had thought about writing about her before but while I cooking my amazing tomato soup I channeled my inner Julia Child and decided that “yes, tonight is the night I shall write about Julia”…and yes, I said it in my head just like that (I frequently use the word “shall” inside my head…makes my thoughts a tad more interesting).

So basically I think that Julia Child is literally the most bad ass boss lady that has ever existed. Yes, more BA than Tyra Banks and Emilia Earheart and Beyonce COMBINED! I know what y’all are thinking: “ummm these might be your unsolicited thoughts on certain topics but lady you are CRAY CRAY for that statement!” But before you send a search party for my head on a steak let me just explain.

Julia (yeah, we’re on a first name basis) is obviously one of the greatest chefs ever. Her food was yummy, her show was entertaining, and basically she captured hearts all over the country. Now I have respect any woman who can cook fancy French food, rock an apron, and be perpetually cherry but when it comes to Julia, my respect is at a whole new level. Obviously she was the best housewife ever (in the stereotypical way of her time) but she was so much more. She was a spy. A real live spy. She’s even in the famous Spy Museum…that’s how legit she really was. Yes, there are, not one, but TWO museum exhibits on her: one in the Spy Museum and one in the Smithsonian’s American History Museum (they have a full set up of her kitchen on the bottom floor….I drooled then passed out of excitement when I saw it). If that’s not the most bad ass thing ever, than I don’t know what is. Basically, I want to be Julia. I want to be a bad ass. I want to be a spy. I’d say that I want to be a wiz in the kitchen, but I’m going to brag for a second and say that I already am (just in case you haven’t seen my “wife me up” pictures that frequent Facebook and twitter and instagram). And finally, I want to have at least one museum exhibit dedicated to me.

Unfortunately for me, I just don’t see that happening. There are 2 main reasons why. One is that I have absolutely no ability what so ever to be a Spy. I can keep my friends’ secrets and take them to the grave, but I have no ability to keep my own. If I were a spy, I’d want to brag about it to the entire world and I’m pretty sure that violates the very first rule of spying. Seriously, when I was young and went through my “Harriet the Spy” phase and documented everything I “observed” in my trapper keeper (yep, I had a trapper keeper…AND Lisa Frank school supple to go with it, be jealous!) I went around telling people exactly what I was doing. Needless to say, I was a terrible spy and that phase lasted all of about 4 hours before I got distracted by trying to be a Spice Girl….again….

This brings me to my second point…in order to have an actual exhibit dedicated to you in a museum, you have to do something epic or be someone epic. Now, I consider myself pretty freaking epic but definitely NOT “museum exhibit worthy” epic. I’m fairly positive you have a be a contributing member of society and do something really great that impacts a ton of lives throughout your lifetime. Now, I may have over 3,000 followers on my one Twitter account, and I might bring a lot of glitter and sparkle into this world but I can’t say that I am some great contributing member of society impacting hundreds of lives for the better. But hey, a girl can dream right?!? 

Thus being said, I can never be Julia **sigh** oh well, at least I can go out a buy a cute mink apron (see: Melissa Gorga’s apron from RHONJ) and whip up some delicious Italian food while writing pointless blogs where I attempt to mention unicorns at least once in every blog (have y’all not noticed that yet?)….I mean, that’s kind of the same thing, right?? 

Ugh, maybe I’ll just go buy a new leather jacket and wear it out to the bars to make myself feel like a bad ass.

And yes, I do realize how ridiculously stupid this post was but I’m not even a little bit sorry about it, I’m home on a perfectly good Saturday night, writing this was my entertainment for the night.

The Political Debate

Let me first preface this post by saying that I despise politics but since I’m Italian and Greek and was born and raised in Washington DC so I really can’t keep my opinions to myself. Also, I only watched about 10 or 15 minutes of the actual debate before I got angry and turned on “Breaking Amish” that I DVRed from Sunday (by the way, that show is absolutely fascinating and I highly recommend it). I also try to avoid broad political conversations considering some of my knowledge on specific subjects is sub par (basically that means I stay out of things that I know nothing about) but this is my blog so I figured I could say whatever I wanted…obviously respectfully and within reason. Another preface before people jump down my throat, today I read up on what was said last night so I could better write this blog without the backlash from political mongers stating only that I’m uninformed and thus have no right to an opinion (which is insane considering this is, again, MY blog).

So first I’m going to sum up my opinion of the debate….it sucked. Both candidates spoke out of their asses and kept saying what they were going to do yet never told us HOW they were going to do it….but what else is new? I can say that I’m going to lose 80 pounds fast, until I’m blue in the face and all of you are convinced that I’m going to be a size 2 next week but until I can accurately and realistically explain how I’m going to do it, those words are meaningless, far fetched, hopes.  Also, what people fail to forget while debating skewed facts and making broad assumptions on social media is that no matter who the president is, unless Congress can actually get along and pass something, nothing will get done and nothing the presidential candidates are “promising” (I use quotes because where I come from a promise is actually something you follow through on, not empty meaningless words one says just to get people to like him/her) will ever actually happen.

This brings me to my next point: Congressmen (and women) and politicians in general. Yep, you guessed it….they suck too. (Yes, this is a generalization on politicians and I know not all of them suck and you probably have some incredibly inspirational story about a politician who kissed you as a baby, jumped in front of a speeding car to save a puppy, fed all the hungry children, changed your life forever, and still managed to go to all of their kid’s soccer games… it, I’m sure it’s a great story but I’m not talking about specifics here. I’m talking about all my experience of hearing these people talk and not seeing their actions meet their “promises”) That’s probably my biggest problem with politicians, they only seem to care what the public has to say or think when it’s election season. They make all these amazing “promises”, say all these wonderful things, use all their fancy language (provided to them by their speech writers and teleprompters) but when it comes time to actually follow through, they suddenly “forget” about what their constituents wanted ( I used quotes for “forget” because it is my opinion that they don’t actually forget but rather go with the decision that benefits them or that they want, not their constituents).

What I have to say next will probably anger a lot of you but it is based solely on the statuses and tweets that I saw during and after the debate. I would’ve screen shot them and posted them here but I feel like calling some of you out directly would be bad idea and I’m chalking some of the idiocy and hypocrisy I saw up to being in the heat of the moment and thus being blinded by your own emotions (I too am guilty for emotional statusing). Basically, a lot of you are closed minded and have a really difficult time seeing past what political party each candidate stands for. I’d be really interested to see what would happen if two random people were up there debating rather than two people who are clearly democratic and republican. Would you have completely sided with the person representing President Obama or Mitt Romney? Or would have agreed/disagreed to individual points from both people? I’m guessing that in almost 100% of the cases, the latter would occur.  This begs the question, did you watch the debate just to talk bad about the opposing candidate and cheer on your candidate or did you watch it to actually educate yourself on the prominent issues? Based on what I saw last night and this morning, most watched it for the former. I guess that’s just something to think about for the next debate (that I will most likely NOT be watching…again). Even if you’re a democrat, it’s okay to agree with a republican point and vice versa. I know that I don’t agree with every democratic or republican point. I am my own person with my own opinions. I may lean one way or the other but that doesn’t change the fact that I do not side with one person or party 100%. And that’s OKAY! I don’t get why some of you get so caught up in political parties that you lose sight of what you actually believe and what is actually happening. If more people were more open minded and really listened to the facts and the proposed ideas then formulated their own opinions and ideas, there would be a lot more bi-partisanship and a lot more would get accomplished.

And for the record, name calling via social media because someone has an opinion that is different then yours is childish and makes you look like an idiot. Seeing this leads me to believe that you are, in fact, a disrespectful idiot and I will no longer take your opinions into consideration while formulating my own. Sorry not sorry.

I have 2 more things to say and then I will end this lengthy blog (for those of you who are still reading….THANKS Y’ALL!!!!)

People look to the president to solve every single one of their problems. I don’t understand this. Get off your ass and try to solve it yourself (joking….kind of….). If the president (or the government) attempted to solve everyone’s problems everything in this country would be absolutely controlled by the government. That would be terrible. If you don’t believe go to your local bookstore (aka and pick up a copy of George Orwell’s 1984….not completely the same thing but it will give you insight as to what would happen if the government starts controlling everything. Now, I’m not some crazy person that the government is a giant conspiracy cover up and that they are trying to control us like puppets and are really out to get us. I just think many of the people in office don’t have our best interests at heart at this current time. Sure, when they decided to go into politics they wanted to make things better and really make a difference but things happen along the way. Money, corruption, losing sight of what “real America” is really like, and forgetting your roots. But most of all, I think they forget to listen to the people. Want to fix health care? Try talking to a panel of well respected honest doctors. My dad can explain to you exactly what is wrong with healthcare and has a multitude of ideas on how to fix it and better serve the people. No, doctors are not greedy, careless people. Keep in mind, they love helping people and make people feel better so much that they were willing to go to several several extra years of grueling school just to do it every single day of their lives. Want to fix schools? Talk to teachers. They’re the people in the schools everyday trying to teach our children (the future of this country) how to read, write, and be a good person. I bet they have some fantastic ideas of how to better serve these children. Want to make the economy better? Talk to business people. Having a group of politicians try to come up with some fiscally sound economic reform is the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard of. Whoever came up with something like that should be fired. Get a panel of business owners (small and large) and CEOs, economic professors and CPAs together. Honestly, in my opinion, get Donald Trump involved. Yeah, I know, he’s a bad person, he endorses this person and that person and blah blah blah. But you know what? He built an empire himself. If anyone knows business or how to turn one dollar into billions it’s him. Say what you will about his personality but he by far the best business man this country has. He’s not shy when it comes to politics either, so I bet he would help.

My final issue is this: what’s with all the smear campaigns? I’m so sick of it! Talking bad about your opponent instead of telling me what you can do for this country makes me hate you and not want you in office. Looks like I’ll be voting for Mickey Mouse…he’s the only nice one out there these days!

Welp, that about does it for my unsolicited thoughts on the political debate! Say what you will about them but please be respectful as I have been to you! I’m sure I’m forgetting something but I’ll just leave well enough alone, don’t want to bore y’all any more than I already have! Thanks so much for reading!

In other (more exciting, important, and all around better) news Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Tigers won MLB’s “Triple Crown” (best batting average, most home run’s, and most RBIs). Why is this more exciting, important, and all around better news than the political debate?  Well that’s simple: The last time a politician lied, made an empty promise, or acted like a butthead was about 5 minutes ago. The last time someone won a “Triple Crown” was in 1967 (Boston’s Carl Yastrzemski). I think I’ve made my point quite clearly, It’s almost as rare as a unicorn sighting in May.